Time Hotel, Times Square, NYC

This 192 room boutique hotel underwent a complete gut renovation in 1999. The design captures the vitality of Times Square while providing amenities for a comfortable stay. The hotel had been used as an SRO for several years and had suffered immense neglect in those years. A complete renovation, saving only the structuring framing and bearing walls was undertaken.

Color is the theme of this hotel. A palette of 4 primary colors is employed to heighten the awareness of color. The styling is clean and minimalistic, offering an alter ego to the bright neon of Times Square. The use of color makes it a boutique hotel with a sense of fun!

The front façade was complete redone for the first two floors. A steel and glass marquee was added along the entire length. A composite material of crystallized glass was used on the façade to add a glint of light and ease maintenance.


Completion: December 2009
Project Cost: $12 M
Role of Firm: Architects
Client: Hampshire Hotels, NYC