Carrol Gardens Branch Library

Under a requirements contract with the Department of Design and Construction, Sen Architects have provided comprehensive A & E services on over 30 library capital projects. Several involved work at "Carnegie" libraries, which were so called because they were funded by the philanthropist - Andrew Carnegie in the early 1900's. Through the years the physical condition of these historical libraries suffered due to neglect and renovations that were unsympathetic to the intent of the original fabric of the structure. Often they needed rehabilitation due to general wear and tear and l disintegration of the structure.

The Carrol Gardens Branch Library is located at a corner in a quiet residential neighborhood, of 19th century masonry three to foou story row houses and small apartment buildings. It was designed by William Tubby in 1905. As a result of this recent project, the structure was made handicapped accessible by the addition of a vestibule and elevator serving all levels. The roof level balustrade and cornice which had shifted considerably was reconstructed, and the exterior partially restored as a part of this project.