PS 16Q - The Nancy DeBenedittis School

41-15 104th Street, Corona, NY

PS16Q was built in three stages - in 1906, 1931 and a modular building was added in 1997. This latest project dealt with exterior rehabilitation and historic preservation of the 1906 and 931 structures.

A significant exterior feature of the Original building was an elaborate metal cornice that finished the top of the building and gave the structure a prominence in this residential neighborhood of single family homes. The school is the largest building for miles and is a community icon. Unfortunately when the building was renovated in the 1970's, the cornice was removed in it's entirety, and the parapet lowered.

As part of this project, the roof was redone, and a cornice matching the original design and configuration reinstalled on a rebuilt parapet. Other aspects of the rehabilitation were roof replacement and exterior masonry repairs. This included the rebuilding of the exterior steps in a manner befitting the historic importance of the building. The roof was cluttered with Air Conditioning equipment, hence a Kemper liquid applied roof was installed to render the roof watertight.

The result is a structure that the NYC Public School system can be proud of, and one that is a cherished symbol and asset of the users and this thriving residential neighborhood.


Completion: December 2011
Project Cost: $7.6M
Role of Firm: Prime Consultants, Architects & Historic Preservation Specialists.
Client: NYC School Construction Agency