PS 11X - Highbridge School

1257 Ogden Avenue, Bronx, NY

Public School 66M, located in the Bronx, was built over 3 distinct periods, dating from 1889, 1904 and 1929. The three interconnected structures have three distinctive styles – Romanesque Revival, Italian Renaissance and mid 20' Classic, in chronological order. Several interventions in the 1970's , such as removal of the cornices and crenellated parapets had left the structure visually inconsistent.

Careful research into the three period styles was conducted to ensure that proposed alterations were in conformance with the original intent. Since the structure is listed with the NY State Historic Preservation Office, (SHPO) all work had to be coordinated with and approved by SHPO.

The partial reconstruction addressed the roofs, parapets, exterior masonry, windows and doors. The slate roofs were reconstructed and the brownstone material on the 890's structure was selectively restored. Crenellated parapets on the 1929 structure, Corbelled parapets on the 1889 structure were reconstructed to match the original, but strengthened to meet the current NYC seismic code requirements.

The result is a structure that the NYC Public School system can be proud of, and one that is a cherished symbol and asset of the users and this thriving residential neighborhood.


Completion: November 2011
Project Cost: $7.5 M
Role of Firm: Prime Consultants, Architects & Historic Preservation Specialists.
Client: NYC School Construction Authority.